Paul Taylor came from an Idaho ranch at the foot of the Rockies to study at the University of California at Berkeley. It was the late summer of 1966, and Berkeley was at the epicenter of a political, cultural, sexual and musical revolution that meant to change the world.  

 Nothing could have prepared the brilliant and earnest 19 year old for the magnitude of the changes that would alter his life forever. Some of these changes were embodied in the young daughter of a professor, wise beyond her years, bursting with creative energy, a dancer who seemed to offer a kind of love, a degree of freedom Paul Taylor had never imagined, much less experienced. 

 Other changes were more universal, from the words of Martin Luther King echoing across the University plaza and across America to the music thundering though the Fillmore Auditorium and the Monterey Pop Festival to rock the foundations of culture, across the country and around the world.

Berkeley Blues, Sixty-Seven is a moving personal journey through those seminal and unrepeatable times, a love story set in the crucible of those beautiful, turbulent years.

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California Landscapes is a beautifully paired collection of paintings and poems with an approach that is unique in the modern American art world. While each painting and every poem stands on its own merit, the two amplify and compliment one another, much as a melody and lyrics do in music. The effect is an artistic “stereo” with two distinct sources that form a single enhanced impression.

Jim and Tom hope that the glories of the places depicted, of which any artistic rendering is but a glimpse, moves you as it has them.

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A doorway is a portal through which you enter the world.  This collection of poems is a series of those portals that allow you into the natural order, into the mysteries of time, and into the human heart.  Enter.  Come through.  Find yourself on a tropical beach or a mountain field.  Know the sky, day and night.  Explore the future and the past, but most of all enter the present.  Come along, page by page, and feel yourself open up.  That is what doorways are for.

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